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Mountain Mojito - Oil



I have been painting for many years, primarily  with pastels, but lately with more oils.. I try to paint  recognizable realistic subject matter with the use of free color. I try to make some visible space where we can open our eyes, relax, remain as long as we like, and return whenever we want.


I invite you to look over  the photographs on this website, and I would be  glad to hear your thoughts. the small images are incomplete, and if you want to see the full picture, click onto the larger ones. Over the years I have often raised, lowered, and abandoned prices for the work. I now believe that those of you who are interested in owning my work are entitled to as much information as I can give you, including prices. I will not immediately try to restore the price of each piece on line, but I will include it on future additions, and I will set forth the pricing method so that you can calculate and understand it.


On all paintings smaller than24x18 the charge is $2.00 per square inch. For example a 11x15  is priced at $330, and a15x23 is $690.


Larger paintings are priced at $1.50 per square inch. Some of the common sizes are 18x24- $648, 23x31 - $1069, 24x36 - $1296, 27x38 - $1539 and 30x40 -$1800.


These are some of the most common sizes, and they represent the size of the unframed painting. The price doesn't includes framing, but if you prefer to buy them with frames, I will try to frame them with my framer for a reasonable price.


I will pay the cost of original shipping within the continental United States. All sales are subject to buyer approval, and the item maybe be returned within 30 days for a full refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason. (I will add that this has never happened.)


Now relax and enjoy the show.


contact me  samhalib@hotmail.com  or 916-213-5282

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